Traveling south to the Mendocino Coast – Day 5

Got up and left early this morning to head south toward Sea Ranch, CA about a 45 minute drive from my Tiny House. It’s not raining so I will take advantage of the dry weather as much as possible.

Stopping at Bowling Ball Beach I take the short walk down to the water to view this interesting formation. Sadly the tide was up and the waves were crashing on the point you needed to get around to see this site. Not wanting to get swamped by a wave I decided to forgo the view and save it for another time.

At Sea Ranch I follow a Coastal Path to the ocean and walk along the bluff to enjoy the crashing waves below. Beach access has been roped off due to high tides and rouge waves so I enjoyed the view from above. I remember back in the 1970’s when Sea Ranch was getting started as a community and it had some wonderful alternative architecture in the area. The location I was at, sadly had many pretty tacky large modern style homes with a few nicely designed coastal homes mixed among them.

A short drive south brought me to the Sea Ranch Chapel. Completed in 1985 this non-denominational chapel used for prayer and meditation was designed by James Hubbell an artist and architectural designer using his creative talents at using local natural materials along with gifted local contractors, craftsmen and artisans to build this free flowing structure that appears to reach skyward while blending in with the surrounding countryside. Gifted by Robert and Betty Buffum, the grounds surrounding as well as the structure are open to the public 365 days a year.

Light rain is starting to come down but will not stop me from visiting Port Arena, CA to walk out the short pier and around the town to see the town so close to my rental. It is a nice town although being the off season many stores were sadly closed. I had heard there was free internet in the Public Library so I went in to dry off and check my e-mails that I have ignore for a few days.

Heading back to the Tiny House I decide to close out the day with a walk out to the headlands by my place. Sadly halfway out, the rains started again and increased in intensity. Getting back to the room, I was wet but happy. About 10 minutes after I returned the heavens opened up in a rain storm that continued late into the evening. At my place I changed into dry, warm, comfortable clothes for he evening, made dinner lit the fire and again sat reading for the evening listening to the rain coming down on the roof. So peaceful.


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