Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 13

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.



Well our wonderful Scandinavian adventure is almost over and both of us are getting tired and maybe a little homesick missing the grandkids. We sleep in a little bit this morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast of the delicious pastries we bought yesterday. Leaving Valby on the S-train we head to the Frilandsmusset (Outdoor Museum) not far from the Sorgenfri Street station.

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Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 4

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.


We are staying in the Schous Plass area of Oslo and head to the Schous Plass T-Bane stop to catch the trolley to the downtown area where we’ll need a transfer to a bus to Bygdoy for our visit to the Vikingskipshuset and the Norsk Folkemuseum, our adventures for today’s Norwegian history lesson. Continue reading

Sweden, Norway, Denmark Trip, Part 3

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

Nordiska Museet Interior

Nordiska Museet

Today we sleep in a little bit and then head out on the T-Bana back to the Island of Djurgaden to visit the Nordiska Museet, the Museum of Cultural History. This building built in 1907 houses about 1.5 million objects of Swedish Trends and Traditions. Walking around the 4 stories of the museum you see home interiors, jewelry, table settings, textiles, dolls, toys, textiles, folk art and many other items. We take the elevator to the top floor and investigate each floor on the way down. What an interesting way to spend the morning and early afternoon. Boy the Stockholm Card has been great, every site we visited during the stay was free along with all our transportation. Continue reading