Bucket List

o   Australia and New Zealand

o   Walk the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexico to Canada)

o   Bicycle the Adventure Cycling Association’s Sierra Cascades Trail stopping at Portland, OR then continue back along the Pacific Coast Trail back home

o   Bicycling or motorcycling the Rocky Mountains and the Great Divide Trails

o   Visit Ireland and revisit Wales

o   Back to France to bicycle the areas of Brittany and Normandy, continuing across the Channel following the southern coast of Great Brittan to return to Paris.

o   Iceland

o   Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece

o   South America; Peru, Chile, Patagonia (cruise or motorcycle?)

o   Revisit Costa Rica and Belize

o   Travel around all 50 USA states

o   USA National and State Historic sites and Monuments

o   Cross Canada east to west, explore Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

o   Head to Alaska along the Alaskan Highway to Skagway then to camp/stay at Glacier Bay (Bartlett Cove) and finally take the Alaskan Ferry system to Ketchikan and end in Prince Rupert

o   Revisit Switzerland and the Bernese Oberland area and hike the traverse

o   Bicycle or motorcycle Denmark, Sweden and Norway

o   Disney World with all the family and grand kids

o   Visit all the US National Parks

o   Hike the Pilgrim Trail in northern Spain

o   Tokyo Disney visit Japan

o   Highway 50 across the US

o   Exotic cruise tour of Southeast Asia

o   See a couple of stages of the Tour de France

o   Watch the Isle of Mann TT motorcycle races


Can I do this in the time I have left; I sure am going to try!