On a little Adventure to Wyoming (LINK)

Trip Along the Mendocino Coast (LINK)

Drive the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean (LINK)

Cape Disappointment State Park (LINK)

Labor Day 2018 Barlow Trail Adventure (LINK)

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (LINK)

Postponement of the adventure to the Adventure to the Great White North (LINK)

January 2018 Trip to Bickel Camp Fundraiser (LINK)

2017-18 New Years trip to Washington State (LINK)

2017 A short trip to visit mines in the Mojave Desert (LINK)

2017 Yellowstone – Grand Teton National Parks (LINK)

2017 July 4th trip to Vancouver, WA (LINK)

2017 May 31st Off-road adventure in Joshua Tree National Park (LINK)

2016 Alaska Cruise (LINK)

2016 California Redwoods (LINK)

2016 Walt Disney World Florida (LINK)

2012 Grand Canyon Adventure Ride (LINK)

2008 Calico Adventure Ride (LINK)