France Adventure, Part 17

10-4-08            Bruges, by Jodi

No alarm this morning, we decided to get up when we get up. But after flopping in bed early, of course we are up before 7am. So far no rain today, but vey cloudy skies. We descend the steep stairs to the dining room for breakfast. We chat with the nice couple from Vancouver Canada we met briefly yesterday. Their Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grandson Leo who live in nearby Rotterdam, Netherlands also soon followed to join them.

Delicious breakfast

Delicious breakfast

Kristin came into the room with fancy little bowls of yogurt with fruits artistically arranged. Terry ordered hot chocolate and me coffee. Kristin then asked who wanted an omelet, of course we all enthusiastically said, “Yes!” She brought out large baskets of wonderful breads, croissants & homemade jams and a platter of assorted meats and cheeses. Our table looked like it was prepared by a French chef – tiny beautiful flowers adorned all the trays, the food artistically arranged with sprigs of chives and greenery. It looked too good to eat. Then our heart shaped omelets arrived, made with onions, sweet peppers, cheese and herbs – warm and delicious! We all stuffed ourselves as we enjoyed the conversation breakfast was just perfect.

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France Adventure, Part 16

10-3-08 –  Bruges, by Jodi

Up early and all packed and ready to go after breakfast. Inge brings assorted breads, jam, platter of meats and cheeses, vanilla yogurt with granola, hard boiled eggs, OJ and coffee. Can you tell we look forward to our big breakfasts? LOL, the breakfasts are excellent at the B&B’s. We eat small and use some the bread and meats to make sandwiches for lunch again, knowing we will have a long drive.

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France Adventure, Part 12

9-29-08 – Arnhem, by Jodi

Valerie put out a nice breakfast of assorted breads, croissants, jams, yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate and OJ.

Into Belgium

Into Brussels

This was our last stay in France until we hit Paris at the end of the trip. We take our time to eat and head out for the 1-½ hour drive to our next visit in Bastogne, Belgium.

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