Calico 11-30-2008

It had been a long time since my son, Shaun, and I were able to go on an adventure together. He had moved up to Portland, Oregon and his work schedule did not let him get down here to SoCal very often. So we made a plan when he did come down to take at least a day ride together. I had taken him out to Calico Ghost Town in my 4×4 to visit the town and surrounding area when he young so I planned a loop route from the Calico Ghost Town area east of Barstow, CA for our motorcycles that would visit several mining sites around the ghost town and visit the crash site of 2 military aircraft in the 60’s.

Calico 11-30-2008-1We left before sunrise for the 2-½ hour drive to our starting point located on Mule Canyon Road. We got there as the sun was breaking over the mountains and started to unload. Shaun would be riding my licensed Honda XR600R and I would be on my licensed race bike a Husqvarna 250.

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