Sweden, Noway, Denmark, Part 9

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

View of Alesund from Fjellstua

Alesund from Fjellstua

This morning we dock in Alesund, Norway a municipality founded in 1838 consisting of a population of 45,033 surronded by fjords and the high peaks of the Sunnmor Alps. Alesund is the most important fishing harbor in Norway and was destroyed by fire in 1904, luckily only 1 person was killed but 10,000 were left homeless. The buildings of the town center were rebuilt in the Art Nouveau Style between 1904 and 1908. We plan to use the 10 stop Hop-on-Hop-Off bus that circles the town which gives us 24-hour transport with commentary and Wi-Fi on board the buses. The Wi-Fi is welcome as we have been off the grid since leaving Oslo as the WiFi on board the ship is very expensive and we hear quite slow at times, and actually it has been refreshing. We leave the ship and get on the bus knowing we are going to the second stop, the hilltop vantage point of Fjellstua. Quickly we scan our emails and turn the phones back to airplane mode to enjoy the street view. As our older phones are not capable of being used on the European network we have been transported back into the Dark Ages (HA HA) without the disruption of the wireless monkey.

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