Skansen Outdoor Architectural Museum, Stockhom



Stockholm is the most populous city in the Nordic region and is spread over 14 islands. We board our T-Bana to head to Gullmarsplan to catch the train to Stockholm Central Station and then walk over a few blocks to jump on another T-Bana to the Island of Djurgaden. As we wait for the T-Bana a group of school children arrive with their teacher to get on the same T-Bana we are on. We wonder where they are going on a school day and soon discover that today is a day the schools are having a field trip to Skansen. WOW, I wish we had field trips like this when I was in school, the best one we had was visiting a Wonder Bread Bakery to see bread being made and packaged. What a history experience these kids get over in Europe really amazing.Skansen SignWe get off the T-bana right across the street from Skansen (link)and we head over to the line forming at the turnstyles, we have arrived a little before opening and wait for the gates to open. The gates open and in we go with Stockholm Card (City Tourist Pass) which includes free entry to both of our museums today. Always check for the City Passes they will save you money and we have used them to fill in time going into places we normally would not have gone. Once inside we start to visit all the sites. Skansen is the oldest open-air museum, founded in 1891, featuring 150 farms and dwellings from all regions of Sweden. The buildings span 5 centuries from the 16th to the early 20th century. Also the museum has many local artisans in period clothes demonstrating the culture, art and workings of the 5 centuries of history and a small zoo of native Swedish wild animals. (text continues below gallery)

After walking around for over half the day we grab a lunch of sandwiches and drinks from a restaurant in Skansen and enjoy the Tea Room atmosphere. A brief rest and off we go to finish our tour of the 75 acre museum then grab the T-Bana back to the Vasa Museet (link), upcoming post.

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