Stockholms’s Gamla Stan

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

Gamla Stan Street

Gamla Stan Street

Well day 2 started off as any other day with a trip on the T-Bana from Sickla Kaj but today we stop at Gamla Stan (link), the Old Town.
This well-preserved living medieval pedestrian city was founded in 1252 and has about 3,000 population at this time. A little island full of sites, museums, restaurants, cafes, bars and stores along narrow winding alleys that are perfect for a day of exploring the cobbled streets. You cannot get lost as sooner or later you will find the water and then you can just follow the waters edge and end back the Gamla Stan T-Bana Station.

Most of the buildings today are from the 17-1800’s in an area of charming cobbled streets, alleyways, faded mustard and rust colored town houses and meeting squares reflecting a north German architecture heritage. Consisting of the main square, Stortorget, that is considered the centre of Old Town which the baroque style Royal Palace (link) (Kungliga Slottet) fronts, and The Royal Chapel (link) (Storkyrkan) which is around the corner. 

Just wander and enjoy the ambiance of this little piece of heaven. Get lost enjoying the stores, shops and eateries. This makes for a fun afternoon and evening stroll while partaking in a some great places to snack and eat a filling lunch and dinner.


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