2 thoughts on “Ketchikan-4

  1. You are such a skilled photographer! As a German, I usually don’t use overly emotional language (we’re just generally reserved folks 😉 ), but I’m always so grateful to see more of your photography. You have such an aesthetic way not just to look at things but also to capture them in the best possible way. Your photos know what they are. You’re not trying to fit into any cheesy categories, you simply create great content!


    • Thank you very much for the very nice compliment. I try my best and I am glad I am able to show what I am seeing to the viewers of my photo’s. Your photos are great and accomplished with a film camera. I haven’t used my Minolta XE7 for years, still have it and the more I see your photos it makes me want to take it off the shelf, get some film and shoot with it again. I so loved that camera. Take care and happy adventures.


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