France Adventure, Part 8

9-25-08 – Arles, by Jodi

We decide to pass on the hotel breakfast at 8 euro each and instead stopped at a patisserie for fresh croissants to eat on the road, mmmmmm. We travel on more country roads for about 2 hours until we reach the Mediterranean. We have now driven the whole country from north to south.

day 8-4We stop at a deserted beach for a short walk to stretch our legs and a short rest. The sand is very fine and white, with seashells in abundance. Of course, I have to stop and collect a few.

day 8-5We continue along the coast for about 15 more minutes then head inland. We pass through a medieval gated wall and our Hotel Regence in Arles that was right around the corner on the Rhone River. It is about 1pm, and our room is not ready, so we decide to eat a nice lunch today. Our hotel clerk speaks very good English, so we ask him where HE would eat. He pulled out a map and circled 4 restaurants to choose from, we choose the closest around the corner. We order their plat du jour specials again, which are actually a very good buy at 12 Euro and it fills us for the rest of the day, Terry got a white fish in provincial tomato sauce, rice, green beans and salad. I got a chicken breast with mushroom herb white sauce, baby white potatoes, green beans and salad. Again we ate every bit – so good! For dessert, Terry got apple cake and me fresh blackberry sorbet. We were stuffed and very happy with our meal.

day 8-13Laundry time! We check in and walk to the Laundromat just 3 blocks away, and chat with a nice couple from Montreal. After laundry we stroll the medieval streets until dusk, and retire for a good nights rest – we are exhausted!

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