Magic Band FP+

My grandson using the Magic Band at Toy Story Mania FastPass +

Well I talked of the magic bands in the last article so now I will share our experiences with them.

So far it has been positive for us. When you stay on property you get the wristbands for free and they do so much, if you stay off property there is a fee for them. They are your access to Magical Express (transportation to and from the Orlando Airport), room key, park admission ticket, fast-pass ticket, credit card, and will also hold your information if you get the dining plan.

We have used them 2 times now and with ages from 6 to 60 and they have performed well. We had a few hiccups with them on this trip but we extended our park tickets and that was when Jodi’s band hiccuped for a few days, mine performed fine.

·      First at the airport you have to have assess to the band when you get off your flight so  keep it in your carry on . You walk up to the kiosk, put the 2 Mickey outlines together, the lights flash and spin green and the cast member will direct you to your bus.

·      At your room you again place the outlines together, the recurring theme, and the green light means your door is unlocked. It was nice having our bands as we received a text message when we got off the plane telling us our room number so we did not have to go checkin, just straight to your room. This is accomplished with Pre-Checkin and is very nice, one less line to stand in.

·      At the park again place the 2 outlines together, wait for the green light, place your finger to scan your fingerprint, lights flash and spin green then enter the park.

·      Fast-pass is the same as Magical Express.

·      Credit card and Dinning Plan the wait staff brings an electronic device, you scan your band and there you have it.

We feel this is great as you never have to worry about loosing a paper ticket, they are waterproof, and your wallet stays safely tucked away, never leaving your pocket.

They feel like a hard watch band on your wrist but after a few hours it is unnoticeable, and I don’t usually wear a watch on my wrist.

So there you have it, we like them and the kids love them. Dealing with the credit part of the Magic Band, not all the bands in your party need to be tied into your credit card. Our grandchildren, aged 7 and 9 at the time did not have credit privileges although we have heard you can place a set amount per day placed on a children’s Magic Band so they are limited as to what they can spend in one day.

Now Disney has a sales pitch, you can modify your bands with all kinds of items and trinkets that Disney sells in their stores so the bands can be very costly if you want a lot of bling. We would rather spend that money on food so it just a different plain color for each of us. Your name is engraved on the back as part of the band so you know which is yours.

That is it for now.

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