Day 5 – Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney Word, Florida

We head back for our second day at the Magic Kingdom. We arrive at 8:45 in 38-degree weather, rather cold today as it had been in the high 70’s and low 80’s for the first part of our visit.

Main Street Station

No problem with the security line today and we waltz right into the park. Heading down Main Street we finally come to a stop at the hub. Until the park officially opens at 9:00 we can not proceed any farther into the lands. We are heading to FrontierLand so we stay out in the main hub where there is nice warm sunshine instead of waiting with all the others in the cold shade.

At 9AM the rope is dropped and everyone heads into the attractions, once again we head to Big Thunder Mountain Railway for our wildest ride in the wilderness. With no one in line we get straight on and get our first ride of the day over.

Today will be a rather quiet slow day for us, as we will still have another day to be entertained in the park.

POC signIt is still cold so we skip Splash Mountain as wet and cold just does not sound enjoyable to us right now and it is off for a Yo Ho Yo Ho Pirates life for us at the Pirates of the Caribbean. The building’s architecture is inspired by the Castillo de San Felipe in San Juan Puerto Rico. You must pass the watchtower and then enter the Castillo del Morro to the lair of the pirates and sail off on an adventure of ransacking a Caribbean village searching for hidden doubloons.

Jungle CruiseNext on our adventure is a cruise with the Jungle Navigation Company to explore the mighty rivers in four continents of the world. Our depression era Jungle Cruise river pilot pulls out all the corny jokes on an always enjoyable adventure.

Donald DuckWe now visit another favorite show of ours, Mickey’s PhilharMagic. This 12-minute 4-D show shown on a huge 150’ screen is wonderful. This musical is an exploration of Disney films and music through the years as you follow Donald Duck on his adventure to save the magical hat, which he lost by the way. It is delightful to sit down, relax, put on your 3-D glasses and enjoy the show, you won’t be sorry.

Next is our fast-pass time for the 7-Dwarfs Mine Train, a MUST NOT MISS new attraction that is fun for all ages. Even though we ride this multiple times a day I still enjoy locating new hidden details inside.

Well it’s getting time for our late lunch and today we decide to leave the park for a while, hop on the boat transportation to enjoy lunch at The Polynesian Resort’s “Captain Cooks“. We enjoy the variety of food at this counter service restaurant.

As we sit down with our food a large group sits next to us and they are cast members in training for the phones. We have a pleasant talk with them but too soon they must head back to training and we must go upstairs to board the monorail for our return to the Happiest Place on Earth.

We enter the park again, head down Main Street and turn right to TomorrowLand for the Carrousel of Progress show and our ride on the People Mover.



Well it is 3:30 when we exit the People Mover so we end the day early again and head home tired and cold. With the weather started at 38 degrees this morning and it never got over 60 degrees the whole day, the drastic change in temperature, hot to cold, seemed to tax us a little more than usual.

After our walk of 13,192 steps and 5 miles we are back home to rest, have a light dinner and finish with our nightly routine.

Tomorrow is our off day from the parks and we plan to have breakfast at the Polynesian Resort, return to Saratoga Springs and walk to Disney Springs midmorning for some investigating the newly remodeled shopping area.

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