12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  1. Terry, I have spent the past three hours roaming around on your blog, having such a wonderful time seeing things through your camera lens. I see that we have very similar taste in what we choose to capture, but your skills definitely put mine to shame. After reading about your trip to Sweden, Norway and Copenhagen and your beautiful and loving tribute about Jodi, I feel like I got to know her. What an amazing and determined spirit she had! I was fascinated to discover that we all were in the fiords of Norway within only 3 or 4 days of each other. Tim and I wish you only the best for 2017.

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    • That is amazing we were that close at that time in a far away country. And if I remember right you live in the SoCal area, I live in Orange County such a small world. I have really enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading of your future adventures. Yes, I have noticed also how we share similar travel tastes. You are able to go to far more places than we were able to because of Jodi’s health. Thank you very much on the comment on my photography, it is only a hobby but I really enjoy it. Have a wonderful New Years and wishing you many happy adventures in 2017.

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