Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 7

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

We get up later again today and start packing for our city-to-city transfer tonight.

After we finish packing and eating breakfast we walk down the street to buy lunch at Deli de Luna, then head back to the apartment for a taxi ride to the DFDS Ferry dock at 11AM.

DFDS Ferry

DFDS Ferry

We wait in a nice waiting room until we could check-in for the ferry where we snacked and ate our sandwiches before boarding. Dropping our luggage in our room we head to the outside deck so we have a nice view of Oslo and the Inner Oslofjord on our way to Copenhagen. We were rewarded with beautiful vistas and views of towns along the Fjord as the sun sets.

As the sun goes below the horizon we head back inside to explore the amenities of the ferry, the public areas are very crowded as there are a lot of travelers shopping and just sitting in the lounges. Finding a small table to sit we relax then later head to our room to rest after our busy days in Oslo.

Waking up the early the next morning we make our way to our huge prepaid buffet breakfast at 7 AM. We dock at 9:45 AM and take a taxi to our cruise ship at Nordhaven to board Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas for our 8 day Fjord Cruise.

Dropping the 2 clothes bags at the luggage check-in we head thru security to the check-in area. We need to wait 10 minutes before we could check-in and then board our home for the next 8 days. The rooms were still not available till after 1PM so we went up to Windjammer Café and ate a very tasty and filling buffet lunch. Hearing the page that the rooms are all available we take the elevator down to our room to drop off our carry-on bags. Exiting the elevator we see our 2 check-in bags in the elevator lobby and take them to our room. We unpack and settle into our very nice interior stateroom.

Interior Stateroom Legend of the Seas

Interior Stateroom

We prefer the Interior Stateroom as we do not spend much time in the room, we would rather enjoy all the amenities and company on the upper public decks and these rooms get to the same ports at the same time as all the other rooms on the ship.

Legend of the Seas-9

Romeo and Juliet Statue

We explored the ship until our 6PM dinner in the Romeo and Juliet Main Dining Room. After being escorted to our table we find  wonderful company for our cruise, a couple from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a couple from Boston, MA, USA who emigrated from Russia, a pair of long time friends traveling together, and what a coincidence, a couple who actually live about 5 miles from us in Southern California.

After a long dinner of great food,excellent wait staff and good company, Jodi and I head upstairs to Deck 10 and walk off some of the rich food we enjoyed at dinner enjoying the setting sun.

The next day is a sea day so our itinerary looks like this: we have a wonderful time enjoying the buffet breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe, walk around Deck 10 again, putting in some miles, participate in some of the shipboard activities, and enjoy a good lunch in the main Dinning Room. After lunch we participate in more shipboard activities, and put in some more miles around Deck 10 before getting ready for dinner in the Main Dinning Room. Then, you guessed it, after a wonderful dinner we head again to Deck 10 this time just to watch the sun set. After enjoying the view for a few hours we head back to our room to rest for our next day in Flam, Norway.

So far this has been a great diversion from the hustling we have been doing in Stockholm and Oslo, rest and relaxation today.


You will notice a pattern for us on the cruise; we spend most of our time on Deck 9 (that comprises the pool deck and the Windjammer Cafe) and Deck 10 (which includes the walking/running track, climbing wall and miniature golf course). If it was cold and windy outside, which it was the further north, we headed to Deck 4 (which holds the Romeo and Juliet Dining Room, the Theater, an outside covered walk and the base lounge of the atrium) and Deck 5 (containing a small lounge around the atrium, the Centrum Shops and Anchors Aweigh Lounge). I used the stairs 98 percent of the time and met Jodi on the deck we were heading to. At least half of the time I would get to the deck as she was exiting the elevator, and no at 59, I could not run up 2 to 8 flights of stairs as I was accused of at times.

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