Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Part 6

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

Thurs 5-29:

Akershus Slott

Akershus Slott

We wake up this morning a little later than usual and head out for Akershus Fortress, during our ride we notice most of the shops are closed and there is very little activity on the streets. When we arrive at the fortress we start to notice signs in windows and on doors that say this is a Holiday – Ascension Day. This Christian holiday, 39 days after Easter, commemorates Jesus Christ’s ascension into heaven. Well at least the fortress will be open but not for a few hours, so we walk around the grounds to get a feel of the place.

When the doors open we enter a 1300AD castle remodeled to the Renaissance style in the first half of the 17th century. This was the residence of Danish-Norwegian Kings and includes the original gloomy dungeons and majestic halls. Today it is used for official functions and is still a military area. Invading army’s never took this fortress until 1940’s when the government evacuated to escape the Nazi occupation.

Vigeland Museum-8

After we finish visiting the castle and fortress we take the T-Bane over to the Vigeland Museum. This museum was the workplace and home to Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian artist, who negotiated rent on this space with the government for future rights to his work. This building houses his sculptures, woodcarvings, models, drawings, sketches and photographs of the artist through his years of work. His interesting sculptures are very modern and surreal which made for an interesting and thought provoking visit.

Looking to the the Main Gate from the Plateau at Frogner Park

Looking to the the Main Gate from the Plateau

Right across the street from the museum is Frogner Park with the Vigeland outdoor Sculpture Exhibition area. We stop at the corner 7-11 and pickup hot dogs, chips and drinks for a lunch in the park, as not much else was open. We join the thousands of other people enjoying the sunny holiday in the park while eating our picnic lunch. Frogner Park is the largest park in Oslo occupying a former manor house grounds of 80 acres. The park includes the Manor House and Vigeland Sculptural Exhibition area which houses 212 of his bronze and granite sculptures. There is no way we would be able to walk the entire park so we concentrate on the area between the museum, the Monolith Plateau, the Fountain and the Bridge which showcases Vigeland’s sculptures. What an enjoyable time exploring these sculptures and the park grounds. We cross the bridge, head to the T-Bane stop at the Main Gate on Kirkeveien and head back to our apartment after a glorious afternoon of walking.  This was the most crowded we saw the T-Bane during our time here and we had to wait for 2 trolleys before we were able board. Everyone was outside enjoying the weather and visiting with family and friends.

When we return to Schous Plass we started laundry and once more walked to the grocery store to buy snacks and drinks for our traveling day tomorrow, we are going by overnight ferry to Copenhagen and then board our cruise ship for 8 days sailing in the fjords.

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