Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 10

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

Geiranger Fjord Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seven Sisters Waterfall

We are on our way to Geiranger, Norway sailing along the Storfjorden to the Geiraner Fjord where the town sits, the Geiranger Fjord is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in this area, is 9 miles long and 800’ deep. Geiranger is a bustling tourist town of about 250 population at the head of the Geiranger Fjord that is the 3rd largest cruise port in Norway hosting 140-180 ships and 300,000 passengers during it’s 4 month season. It boasts 5 hotels, 10 camping sites, a small store and a touristy port area with the Tourist Information Building, gift shops and eateries.

Ship with movable dock

Movable dock

As we anchor in the bay Jodi and I believe we are going to be tendered onto shore as there is no dock to handle the ship but as we watch a folding dock is maneuvered out to our ship and we are able to walk off the ship to the port, albeit a long zig-zag path it is better than tending. 2 other cruise ships arrive later and we see their passengers using tender boats to reach shore.

Looking to Geiranger from Flydalsjuvet


We decide to adventure on our own and take another private bus trip to 2 viewpoints above the city. The first stop was southeast of Geiranger to the Flydalsjurvet overlook with breathtaking views back down along the valley to Geranger and our ship. About 20 minutes later we board the bus and start back down toward town.

Looking back to Seven Sisters Waterfalls from Ornevegen


Coming back down the mountain we are on roads I do not know how our bus manages the tight mountain turns. We pass through town heading to the second overlook, Orneegen. This switch backed road is even tighter than the first, our driver has to stop at all the 10 sharp narrow turns and look up the mountain to see if another bus or car is coming, if not he must use the entire width of pavement to make the corner. I see why this road is named the Eagles Road, exhilarating to come so close to the cliffs on both sides as we wind our way up to the top, this would be a perfect road on my motorcycle.

At the top we have a 180-degree eagles view back into town and along the fjord toward the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

After about 30 minutes we return on the bus to Geiranger for lunch and explore the town at the port. Everything is on a hill so it is challenging at times to get to places. We explore the touristy gift shop, and walk over to the river that follows the valley ending in the fjord. A walkway beside the river leads to the Norwegian Fjord Center but it is a very steep hike with a stairway at the end, it is getting late as we must weigh anchor in mid afternoon to our next port so sadly we must pass up this opportunity to visit the Fjord Center. We head to the grocery store, and stop outside the Tourist Center as they have free Wi-Fi, we quickly check our emails, putting our phones back in airplane mode we sit enjoying the views before we must board for our next port, Bergen, Norway.

During dinner the windows provide an excellent opportunity to see the fjord as we sail. Everyone at our table eats quickly so we all can head up to deck 10 and enjoy the evening watching the fjord slip into sunset.

What a wonderful town Geiranger is and it would be a lovely restful spot to spend couple of days to unwind with nature when the cruise ships leave port.

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