Day 8 EPCOT at Walt Disney Word, Florida 

Well we bookend our trip with park visits to EPCOT.

Arriving at a little after 9:00 AM we enter the park and head straight to Test Track to design our virtual concept vehicle and see how it performs on the TEST TRACK. Remember it will tested on the following criteria:

1.    Handling

2.    Maneuverability

3.    Efficiency

4.    Power

In a thrilling ride one mile in length with speeds peaking at 65mph it is a great ride to experience multiple times.

Next up in Future World we walk over to the  Universe of Energy and Ellen’s Adventure. We follow Ellen DeGeneres on a Jeopardy learning experience to explain where our power and energy comes from and possible alternatives to future power supplies. This is a 45-minute leisurely boat ride that is a perfect way to relax, cool off and be entertained all at the same time. But if you have a Fast-Pass time coming up stay away. The ride is getting a little dated, some of the effects in need of updating and some people really don’t care for this ride but we still feel it is a fun ride that has minimal crowds anymore.

Leaving Future World we must stop in to browse the shop at Mouse Gear. This is one of our favorite stores at Disney World to look through.

Leaving the shop we take a right and head for the Mexico Pavilion to see the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the 3 caballeros. This scenic boat rides around the states of Mexico are highlighted by the stars of the show the 3 Caballeros, Panchito Pistoles, Jose Carioca and Donald Duck. Donald Duck is Donald Duck and gets sidetracked by all the pretty women and his two friends must track him down so they can play at the Gran Fiesta.

After our leisurely boat ride we head to the Norway Pavilion to view the tasty treats at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (yes that is spelled correctly). This cafe has such a wonderful selection of Norwegian treats and sandwiches that we might get snacks or breakfast later in the day as we leave.

Next up is our trip to China at the China Pavilion with the circle-vision film “Reflections of China” a wonderful trip showcasing the sites of the huge country and a stop to look at the Terracotta Soldier replicas.

We pass through the African rest stop on our way to Germany. We did not stop this time but there is a wonderful candy shop called Karamell-Kuche at the entry to the pavilion that will leave your taste buds excited.

We decided this morning that we must watch Sergio, the mime juggler, at the Italy Pavilion. This is a very entertaining show we would hate to see go away. Our grandchildren love it and our grandson was once selected to be part of the show.



Well it is time for lunch and we both have different ideas of what sounds good to us so I stop in the Morocco Pavilion for the Mediterranean Sliders Combo at Tangierine Cafe and Jodi goes onto France for a Jambon Beurre at Boulangerie Patisserie les HallesIt is sad though that when Jodi gets to France they are out of baguettes for her sandwich and it will be about 45 minutes for them to bake more, so she sadly settles on a Poulet au Pistou. She will also be picking up our breakfasts in the morning, I fell like a Croissant Jambon Fromage and that was available, but as she wanted the Jambon Beurre again so she decides to go back to Norway to pick up a Ham and Apple Sandwich for breakfast from Kringla Bakeri.


It has been a long vacation and we both are getting pretty tired so we slowly walk back to the exit but first we must visit Spaceship Earth one last time before we leave.

Epcot Ball

Spaceship Earth

After Spaceship Earth we stop at the The Art of Disney shop and look at all the art work before heading to the Transportation Center to catch our bus back to All-Star Music.

It is 3:00 PM as we exit the park having had a very good but tiring vacation.

Back at the room we start getting things together for our flight home the next day.

After 13,183 steps in 5.29 miles today we have walked a total of 43.29 miles in the 8 days with weather that fluctuated between the mid 60’s to the low 80’s and rain to sunny during each of the 8 days of our vacation. Glad we always pack layers for our clothing, as this was the only way we stayed comfortable in the extreme fluctuations of daily weather.

We finish packing the next morning and are able to catch an earlier Magical Express Bus to the airport as the airline has to check some paperwork for some medical equipment we must carry onboard. After check-in we head to our nightmare that is security due to a wheelchair and medical equipment. Happily we whisk right through security, Orlando has a great security line for handicapped-disabled individuals and we can quickly board the monorail to our terminal.

Our flight does not provide any meals, unless you want to pay $7.00 for a lousy sandwich, so we decide to have a filling lunch at Ruby Tuesday that we saw in the terminal as we came into Orlando last week. After our relaxing time and filling lunch we head to an empty gate to wait for our plane to board.

At 4:30 PM we board the plane for our five and a half hour flight home to be picked up by our daughter, granddaughter and grandson, finally making it back to the house at around 9 PM exhausted we fall into bed and try to sleep in the following morning (that never happens).

2 thoughts on “Day 8 EPCOT at Walt Disney Word, Florida 

  1. Great post. You’re right about The Universe of Energy. Tremendously outdated and in need of changes. Maybe something with Morgan Freeman or Neil deGrasse Tyson could be a good change. UOE at this point is just a good place to cool off and relax. Always hate that return trip through Orlando International. Some day maybe I will book just a 1-way.

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