Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 12

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.

Today is a sail day so we just relax, read and view the coast as we sail back to Copenhagen for the final days of this trip. It is cold, windy and overcast so walking on the top deck is really just hard work and not very relaxing so we find a comfortable place to sit for the day leaving only when it is time to eat or to find a new location when we want a change of atmosphere.

During dinner we say goodbye to our new friends and go back to our room to pack, as we must leave our bags outside the door before we turn in for the night.


Waking up the next morning we again get to the Windjammer Cafe early to eat a large breakfast so we can have a later lunch. We  will miss this Cafe as all the food has been excellent and the all choices divine. Docking at 9AM we disembark during our assigned time and head to the large warehouse like area to collect our bags. I cannot believe the number of bags in the warehouse, Jodi stays with the items we must carry off and I go to our section to find our 2 bags. The bags were in nice neat rows but stacked on top of one another, which made it hard to find ours. I finally found my bag but could not locate Jodi’s, I went back to her and she went and found it right off, about 3 or 4 bags down from where mine was. I have handled that bag for weeks and I was still looking for her smaller different colored bag she usually carries, I am getting old and tired I guess.

Out to get a taxi to our room and what do you know we were lucky in getting a very knowledgeable and friendly driver who knows exactly were we are going. Arriving in Valby we go to the back of the house to knock on the door as instructed, but we find a note hanging on the door saying they would be out of town for a few days, to get the hidden key and enjoy our room. Being a basement room it was directly connected and open to the house, how trusting to let us in and have access to their home, a very good sign. It was a sparse room but quite comfortable, nice, with everything we will need and will do the job splendidly. A remodeled bathroom with washer and dryer, small kitchen area with a refrigerator and microwave filled the bill. The only strange parts for us was the access down a storage corridor to the room and having only a curtain for a door, but the room was very suitable and quiet. Additional note: from newer photos they must have been in the process of remodeling as the finished product looks quite nice now.

As we started to unpack Jodi noticed she left something very important in the refrigerator of the ship so we rushed back to the Valby Station taking the S-train back to the Nordhaven cruise terminal. Going straight to the luggage check-in they were very helpful and actually escorted us to the gangway to talk with the head of security for the ship.

Well I’ll be it is the same gentleman that was organizing the docking of the ship at every port. He was a tall, large man but when he heard what was left on board and seeing our boarding cards from the last cruise he rushed us up to our room to fetch the items. Luckily the bag still in the refrigerator. We thanked the guard and found another taxi to take us back to the Nordhaven S-train station to get back to our room. What an eventful morning and we do not want another of those for a long time, losing that item might have put an end to our trip, it was that important.

Well after a fun, stressful 2 hours we make it back to the room, unpack and settle in. Finally able to now enjoy Copenhagen which was settled in the 10th century and has been Denmarks capital since the 15th century.  It is a LARGE city of 1,263,698, is the 3rd richest city in the world and a major financial center of Europe. The name Copenhagen reflects it’s origin, a harbor and place of commerce.

We decide to return to the downtown area to find a pastry shop we have been told about and spend a little time exploring Tivoli Gardens. This Amusement Park was was founded in 1843, is the second oldest, the 2nd most popular seasonal theme park, and the 4th most popular in the world. Being one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s design of Disneyland we had to see it being Disney Freaks .

S-Train Main StationGetting off the subway we make our way out of the main train station and need to find our bearings. Guess what the station is right across the street from the pastry shop and Tivoli, what luck.




After salivating over all the excellent looking pastries we decide on several for the next 2 days breakfasts. Looking at the food menu in the cafe portion we buy our late lunch sitting in their small seating area enjoying our meal.

Tivoli Gardens-8After finishing we walk down the street to enter Tivoli Gardens. The park is on our Copenhagen Visitors card so we pass the ticket booth and go straight to the entry booth. Once inside we are transported to another world of entertaining signs, sights and smells, WONDERFUL. We walk around trying to make sure we see everything, then decide to head back to the room as our morning adventure has drained us. I will let the photos below show you some of the park and the exciting time that can be had here. We could have spent a whole day and evening riding the rides and exploring the food of this park.

Taking the S-train back to Valby we walk down to the local grocery store, grab some snacks and drinks and settle in for the evening getting ready for our adventures in the morning.

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