Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Part 13

This trip was taken between May 22, 2014 to June 10, 2014.



Well our wonderful Scandinavian adventure is almost over and both of us are getting tired and maybe a little homesick missing the grandkids. We sleep in a little bit this morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast of the delicious pastries we bought yesterday. Leaving Valby on the S-train we head to the Frilandsmusset (Outdoor Museum) not far from the Sorgenfri Street station.

After a short walk we arrive at the outdoor museum of rural architecture that has been open since 1897. It has free admission and represents rural Denmark architecture and life dating from 1650-1950. Consisting of 86 acres showcasing over 100 farmhouses, countrified estates, rural buildings, mills, etc. this outdoor museum has been a respite for the population of Copenhagen for over 100 years, there were many families enjoying the grounds with picnic baskets, kids playing and others just strolling along the quiet gravel and dirt lanes throughout the park.

Being close to lunchtime we ate at the wonderful small café inside the park before we got to far from the facilities. Enjoying the weather we removed ourselves outside to eat under the canopy of trees in the garden area of the café sitting enjoying the sound of children playing, birds singing and the clop, clop, clop of horse hooves from the hay wagon rides around the park.

After enjoying our wonderful sandwiches we start on our walk counterclockwise around the grounds. Walking along the country lanes and paths we visit farmhouses, farm utility buildings, workshops, barns, stables, windmills, water powered grinding mills, and all sorts of interesting buildings. Being able to enter the buildings with original furniture and work implements is an amazing step back in time to see how they lived and worked. Boy we have nothing to complain about because our air conditioner/heater does not work, those times were hard but the people were of a hardier stock than most today.

After a wonderful afternoon we hop back on the S-train and transfer to the Metro to get off at Krogens Nytorv Street station for one of our canal boat tours.  We walk to the Stromma Boat tours launch at Gammel Strand for the 30 minute “Under 14 Bridges Canal Tour”. During the tour we passed Nyhaven, the Copenhagen Opera House, and enjoyed the open-air boat tour of several residential neighborhoods.


Jodi with the hand dipped waffle on a stick

After our tour we head back to the main station via pedestrian streets in downtown. What a wonderful concept that I wish would catch on more here in the states, car free avenues for casually strolling in the afternoon and evening. Walking down Amagertor, Nygade and finally to Frederikssteggage we pass stores, restaurants and little eating carts and storefronts. One eating establishment that catches our eye has hand-dipped waffles on a stick and a long line, we both thought that would be an interesting snack-dessert so we shared a waffle dipped in chocolate. BOY IT WAS GOOD.

As it is early evening, we have done a lot of walking today and both being tired we head to the main station for our ride back to Valby and our room.

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